About not me

I am Ronnie Scott. As far as I am concerned, I am the Ronnie Scott. There are others, but I am not them. Some of the others are:

Ronnie Scott the late jazz musician and club owner (born Ronald Schatt).

Ronnie Scott the tattooist from Newcastle (ricardotheannsumm on Bebo).

Ronnie Scott the songwriter (I’m a Tiger, with Marty Wilde, for Lulu).

Ronnie Scott’s Rejects the swing/ jazz band fronted by Hazel Holder.

Ronnie Scott the football player (Leithen Rovers AFC of sunny Fife)

Ronnie Scott the Edinburgh man who repairs bowls that have lost their bias.

Ronnie Scott the archaeologist from Nairn.

Ronnie Scott the artist who re-interpreted the Clava Cairns.

Ronnie Scott the River City extra and retired mechanical engineer.

Ronnie Scott Four Syndicate the Irish racehorse owner.

Ronnie Scott the bass player in the Country Plus Band, Nashville TN.

Ronnie Scott the manager of 31 public parks in San Francisco.

Ronnie Scott the dirt racing car driver of Missouri.

Ronnie Scott the editor of Rave magazine (hello Brisbane, Australia).

Ronnie Scott the high-flying financial services person of Nashville TN.

Ronnie Scott, the jailer of Barren County, Kentucky.

And many others too tedious – but well named, of course – to mention.

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