Gangster games

Only in Glasgow could we name the mascots for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2018 European Championships after a pair of gun-toting psychopaths. Step forward Bonnie and Clyde, the cuddly creatures fronting the 2018 and 2014 events, respectively.

They think it’s all over …

Fans of the football club Hamburg can now be buried in the club’s own cemetery, beneath grass from the nearby HSV Stadium. The BBC reports that “Hamburg have become the first football club in Europe to open their very own cemetery”, following the lead of Argentina’s Boca Juniors. The cemetery “has been divided into three parts – stands, terraces and a VIP area”. As above, so below, as the alchemists say. BBC story:

Worth every penny

I see that Amazon has run out of copies of my book Death by Design (£5.99). Not to worry, an online dealer in Florida has a second-hand copy (“like new”) for a mere £246.16. Plus shipping. Cheap at twice the price, as the saying goes.

Another Ronnie Scott

There is a wonderful reference to “Ronnie Scott, a cowboy from near Carlsbad, who has cowboyed all over this area” in a story called “Ranch Rodeo Special Report: Working cowboys, men and women making a living taking care of cattle” by Mike Perry over on the Alpine Avalanche (“Serving the Big Bend and Davis Mountains Country since 1891”) website. Alpine, of course, is in Brewster County, Texas. Which is practically in Mexico. And my cowboy name, if I ever need one, is Maryhill Slim.

About not me

I am Ronnie Scott. As far as I am concerned, I am the Ronnie Scott. There are others, but I am not them. Some of the others are:

Ronnie Scott the late jazz musician and club owner (born Ronald Schatt).

Ronnie Scott the tattooist from Newcastle (ricardotheannsumm on Bebo).

Ronnie Scott the songwriter (I’m a Tiger, with Marty Wilde, for Lulu).

Ronnie Scott’s Rejects the swing/ jazz band fronted by Hazel Holder.

Ronnie Scott the football player (Leithen Rovers AFC of sunny Fife)

Ronnie Scott the Edinburgh man who repairs bowls that have lost their bias.

Ronnie Scott the archaeologist from Nairn.

Ronnie Scott the artist who re-interpreted the Clava Cairns.

Ronnie Scott the River City extra and retired mechanical engineer.

Ronnie Scott Four Syndicate the Irish racehorse owner.

Ronnie Scott the bass player in the Country Plus Band, Nashville TN.

Ronnie Scott the manager of 31 public parks in San Francisco.

Ronnie Scott the dirt racing car driver of Missouri.

Ronnie Scott the editor of Rave magazine (hello Brisbane, Australia).

Ronnie Scott the high-flying financial services person of Nashville TN.

Ronnie Scott, the jailer of Barren County, Kentucky.

And many others too tedious – but well named, of course – to mention.

Another Ronnie Scott

The good people of Graysville (an exciting-sounding name, no?) in Rhea County, Tennessee, have been debating whether they should allow shops to sell bottles and cans of beer. On one hand, this would raise local sales tax, on the other it would unleash the Apocalypse. Or something. John B Carpenter of The Herald-News (another exciting-sounding name, no?) reported that:

Ronnie Scott was […] emphatic in his opposition. “I know the terrible disease of alcoholism,” he said. “The Bible says that if you open the door to one demon, seven will come in. We already have enough problems in this town. There’s a reason why they’re called sin taxes,” he added. “You need to look into that.”