Scottish history in maps

[+] Historic maps collections

National Library of Scotland (NLS) maps

Charting the Nation (1550-1740)

NLS “Maps of Scotland, 1560-1928”

Vision of Britain (1801-2001) maps

[+] Historic maps, digitised

Gough Map (1360)

John Speed’s “Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine” (1611-12)

Blaeu Atlas (1654)

Pont maps (1518-1614)

Roy Military Survey of Scotland (1747-1755)

Ordnance Survey maps (NLS)

John Bartholomew archive (NLS)

[+] History of cartography

History of Cartography (free PDFs)

Ordnance Survey history (with downloads)

Map history/ history of cartography

[+] Historical geography

An atlas of Scottish history to 1707


Scottish Historic Land Use map

British History Online (1300-1800)

[+] Other informational maps

British Geological Survey

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Mapping Memorials to Women in Scotland

MAgiC (natural environment of Great Britain)

British Library: Scottish fire insurance maps

[+] Place names

Scottish Place Name Society

Scottish Place Name Society resources

Scottish Place Name Society book list

OS guides to Gaelic, Scandinavian, Scots and Welsh place names

Scots place name glossary

WHF Nicolaisen, Scottish Place Names: Their study and significance (London: Batsford, 1976)
Iain Taylor, Place Names of Scotland (Edinburgh: Birlinn, 2011)

[+] Other resources

National Records of Scotland maps and plans

Scotland’s Places, including the Ordnance Survey name books

“Cairt”, newsletter of the Scottish Maps Forum (PDFs)

British Library “Scanned collections online”

National Collection of Aerial Photography

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

Library of Congress (US) “Collections with maps”

New York Public Library Digital Collections (search for maps)

Map History (images of early maps on the web)

John N Moore, The Maps of Glasgow: A History and Cartobibliography (Glasgow: University of Glasgow Library, 1996)
John Moore, Glasgow: Mapping the City (Edinburgh: Birlinn, 2015)
Peter Reed, editor, Glasgow: The Forming of The City (Edinburgh University Press, 1999)
Andrew Gibb, Glasgow: The Making of a City (Croom Helm, 1983).